Reggio Run Donations Update

We are still running hard with our Reggio Run fundraiser! Currently we have raised just under $900. We are hoping to get enough money raised to invest in Abeona House scholarships for families in need and also to complete our yard renovation project. From last year’s Reggio Run, we were able to help out a lot of families, and our big yard got the overhaul it needed. This year we would like to expand the socioeconomic diversity of our student body even more, and we are hard at work trying to turn the little yard into an art center, nature observatory, and meditation garden.

We need everyone’s help to get the word out about the great things Abeona House is trying to do. Making ourselves more accessible to a greater number of children helps us reflect the community of New Orleans better. Making space for children to express themselves while connecting with nature helps us reflect the beauty of humanity better.

So please, sign up, spread the word, donate, or volunteer to help us make this fundraiser the success the Abeona House children deserve!

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