Granola: It’s for Everyone!

One of my favorite breakfasts to make is granola. If you haven’t tried it at home, it’s super easy and versatile. I actually don’t even measure anything except the oats when I make our Abeona House granola. Add your favorite 100% juice, some molasses and brown sugar, salt, and olive oil until your oats clump together but still remain a bit crumbly. This can be a fun sensory experience to do with your kiddos. We know Abeona kids love sensory stuff! Next add whatever spices and extras sound good: pumpkin spice, cinnamon, coconut, nuts (never at Abeona, but maybe at home) and seeds, and dried fruit. Lay out in a thin layer on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees for about an hour, mixing up every 15 or so minutes until golden brown and crunchy.

The kids eat it right up with plain yogurt!

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