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The Abeona House food program was instituted using the farm-to-table model, incorporating local, fresh, and organic foods into the meal plan wherever possible.  Following in these footsteps—and excited to see how we can expand our vision—the Abeona House community will take on a food program inspired by the movement for Food Justice.  So, for my first blog post (!!!), I’ll introduce this idea.

Building a food program around Food Justice means that we see the benefits of eating healthy, organic, good-for-the-earth meals to the same degree that we value the people involved in every stage of producing our food. It means understanding our food as part of a massive system of production that often hurts marginalized communities, but has the potential to benefit all people and landscapes. It is a movement built by migrant workers underpaid, overworked, and exposed to chemicals in farming fields; it is a movement built by Black and brown communities surviving in spite of neighborhoods lacking basic grocery stores; it is a movement built by guerilla gardeners.

How will Abeona House lift up this movement?

  1. Through food buying. We won’t be able to replace everything we purchase with foods that we believe are humanely raised and sustainable. Because our current food system is not built around justice, it is too expensive. What we can do is replace specific foods (i.e. food that has been historically produced under poor conditions, food that is particularly high in chemicals when not raised organically) and use those as points of learning for our community. We can also seek out local growers we want to support and use the produce grown in our very own garden.
  2. Through education. Making a dent on our food system will take big work and garnering the strength of many communities. Our work is to grow a new crop of youngsters who like their meals and appreciate how they got to them.

In the coming weeks, look out for more blogposts on what we’ve been eating and learning.

And finally… some people enjoy visuals. Here’s the drawing I made to get this all sorted out in my head:

Food Justice Map

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