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Community Work Days

One of the things parents and teachers consistently say makes Abeona special is community. There are many ways we build community at Abeona House, from our laid-back potluck events to our teachers coming over to babysit. So far my favorite community builder has been our Community Work Days.

Community Work Days happen a couple of times a year at Abeona House. On these days, parents come to volunteer their help around campus. Last Saturday we had a wonderful turnout of about 30 parents. Together they painted the playground fence, pruned and planted in the garden, built two new sandboxes, hung curtains, and did other odd jobs. There were even volunteers devoted to watching the younger kids.

Several times throughout the day, volunteers remarked that many hands really do make light work. It was incredible how quickly those garden beds were weeded and that fence got painted!

I couldn’t be more excited about all the work we got done! I’m excited to show off our garden during the next prospective parent tour. I’m excited to see kids playing in the sandboxes. I’m especially excited to show off the lock on the (already out-of-reach) first-aid cabinet to the preschool licensing inspector!

But the benefit of Community Work Day goes beyond the work that gets done. Perhaps there’s no better way to get to know someone than to work on something together that gets the sweat flowing. It’s no wonder that families feel a sense of belonging at Abeona House. It’s truly a team effort that makes us shine.

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