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Kiss your veggies

One of the trickiest parts of feeding kids, as you all know, are the picky eaters! There are so many different ideas in the child development and psychology world as to how we might get our kids to eat more variety of foods, with new and different flavors and textures. At a Louisiana Pathways class I took last month for early childhood educators, the instructor even suggested encouraging kids to kiss those scary foods they don’t want to eat! It seems to me like a sort of strange strategy, but whatever works! I’d love to hear parents’ stories for what you do at home, and next month I’ll post my findings.

Mardi Gras Ball Menu!

This week is the much coveted Krewe of Abeona! I hope to see some fun and crazy decorated wagons and colorful costumes when your family joins us in the First Grace cafeteria around after the parade. Our feast for this week will consist of:


Whole Wheat Cheese Pizza
Chickpea Gumbo
Mixed Green Salad with Chef David’s Italian Avocado Dressing
Melon Medley
King Cake

See you then!

Local sources: Keepin’ it tasty!

As mentioned in this month’s newsletter, one of the projected goals for our food program is to be more farm-to-table by using local sources such as Hollygrove Market and GrowDat Youth Farm. If you don’t know about these awesome programs yet, the first sources produce, meats, cheeses, and breads from around the Delta area, while the latter educates teenagers in growing practices. Even our very own Annabelle Dennard, daughter of Jim Dennard in the Beehive, brought in turnips we used for our soup from their family farm! Thanks, Dennard family!

What’s the secret to that yummy Cauliflower Mac?

A little tip Chef Sarah passed on to me that the kids love is our secret bechemel (cheese sauce) recipe, that I use for this week’s baked mac n cheese. To make at home for your family, simply simmer a few cups of milk with onion, garlic, and any spices you might like for 30 minutes, then drain. Thicken with a simple roux (flour, butter concoction), add your cheeses, cook some cauliflower with the noodles and mix with the cheese sauce, then bake!

February’s full menu can be found in the For Parents section.  Look here for highlights from the weekly menu.

Welcome to the new AbeonaHouse.org!

Friends and Family of Abeona, welcome to our newly re-designed web site.  We’ve updated the content and made the site easier to navigate so you can learn more and stay up today with everything going on at Abeona House!  Thanks to parent Sue Soto for all of the photography on the site!