Beehive Activities


Music and Movement

We as a class absolutely love music, and sometimes do guitar with Ms. Emily. The students love to sing all of their favorite songs such as “Mr. Sun” and “We are the Dinosaurs Marching”, dancing and spinning along with their classmates. At the end each student is given the chance to strum the strings on the guitar, seeing how a note is made from the vibrations of plucking each guitar string. 

Shaving Cream Clouds


  • -Shaving Cream
  • -Clear Container (a vase, jar-either plastic or glass)
  • -Small Cup of Water
  • -Food Coloring (ideally blue)
  • -Eye Dropper, Syringe, or teaspoon/small spoon

For some sensory play as a provocation, put some shaving cream on a table and talk about drawing clouds with your child. See if they can say “cloud”. 

Pour water into a large clear container about halfway.

Squeeze a generous amount of shaving cream on top of the water and say that this is a “cloud”. 

Add water to a small cup and add drops of blue food coloring to make the water blue.

Use your spoon or eye dropper and slowly stir and fill the small cup with blue water. Slowly pour the blue water on top of the cloud and say that this represents “rain”. You and your child can watch as the blue water (rain) seeps through the top of the shaving cream cloud into the water below. 

Sensory Bottles

Great for emotional development and self-soothing.


  • -Plastic empty bottle
  • -glue
  • -glitter or glitter glue
  • -glass jar or large drinking glass
  • -hot water
  • -bowl
  • -pom poms, or beads, extra sparkly items (optional)

Clean your plastic bottle by removing adhesive labels and glue. *You can make your own homemade goop remover by mixing 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 3 tablespoons of baking soda into a paste. To use, put a small dollop on the glue and gently rub with fingers.

Fill a bowl with the “fillers” that will take up your sensory bottle, (pom poms, letters, sequins, beads, etc

Fill a glass jar with hot water and add your glue, food coloring, and glitter. Aim for ⅕ glitter and food coloring to ⅘ water. Let the hot water melt the glitter glue. 

Once the mixture is cool enough, pour mixture into the plastic bottle. 

Add your “filler” of beads, pom poms, sequins, etc

Shake up the bottle and see if it falls too fast. If so, add glue directly to the bottle. If it falls too slow, add more water. 

Once you’ve reached your desired consistency, use glue to fasten the top permanently. Allow to dry before you allow children to play with it. 

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