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February 2020

For Mardi Gras this year, the Beehive students decorated their very own Mardi Gras masks! The students each were given a cardboard masquerade cut-out. Using dot markers, glitter, feathers, and glue the class did a wonderful job designing their masks.

After they were done drying, the teachers added on tongue depressors so that the children could hold them up, wave them in the air, and make them more interactive. In small groups we conducted some dramatic by bringing in a Mardi Gras wagon, and letting the students sit inside it, holding their masks as we listened to some classic New Orleans songs! 

March 2020

To help celebrate and welcome the beginning of spring, the Beehive students painted their very own spring mural. Ms. Emily and Ms. Paris spread this out over the course of a few days, each having the children add one element each day to create a beautiful collaborative collage! 

We first started with a long white sheet of paper, and put out different variants of green and white paint for the students to choose from. We provided cu-tips and stamps to use as painting tools. Some students carefully used the cu-tips to add their paint, and others experimented by using their hands to spread it around on the mural. After the green paint was spread, we allowed the mural to dry overnight. The following day we provided the students with pink and purple paint, and put out some different stamps, such as flowers and suns. The entirety of the activity was optional, taped to the tables during free play, and students could decide if they wanted to paint, and how often, (some painting, having their hands cleaned with the help of a teacher, and then after a little while excitingly coming back to the mural). They loved seeing the difference in colors as they stamped and spread the new layer of pink and purple paint, and we had so much fun with our spring mural!

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