Bird’s Nest Activities

Fabric Play

A class favorite activity in the Bird’s Nest is good old Swirly Fabric Dance Parties! Put on some fun music for dancing that you and your baby both love, gather a collection of fabric strips, scarves, socks, pillowcases, clothing (anything lightweight and preferably colorful), and dance around in fun and silly ways that incorporate movement of the fabric. Often when our students play with a pile of fabric, many of them expose their fashion expertise- you may find that your baby is a very creative accessorizer! Spending time playfully dancing with your baby gives them opportunities to experience new sounds and and learn language through music, master gross motor skills, and promotes the idea of exercise being fun and creative. Adding the fabric promotes color awareness and makes the dance party a comfy, fun sensory experience. Plus, dancing and swirling fabric around with a happy giggling baby is very good for adults!

Rescue the Toys!

For this activity, you’ll need three pieces of Tupperware, three toys, and masking tape. To begin, start by putting the toys inside the Tupperware and turn the Tupperware over, lid side down. Tape all around the edges– diagonally, and straight to cover most of the Tupperware so that it’s stuck to the floor. Show your child how to rip the tape by pulling on it and releasing the animals! 

Edible Finger paint! 

All of the babies are at that fun stage of putting EVERYTHING in their mouths. So it is always fun to find an activity for them where they are allowed to do so. An easy, but messy activity is to create edible finger paint. 


Plain yogurt

Food Coloring 


Set your kiddo up with a blank surface in a space that can get messy and let them create how they wish! 

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