Bird’s Nest Classroom Management Tips

Here, you will find our schedule, rules, jobs, classroom responsibilities, important how to’s and more!

Our Schedule:

7:30-9:30: Drop off/Morning invitations 

Morning invitations usually turns into open play 

9:30-10:00: Breakfast/Morning snack 

10:00-11:30: Morning nap 

This morning nap is for all babies under 11 months 

11:40-12:15: Lunch 

12:15-2:30: Nap 

This nap is for babies over 11 months 

12:15-1:30: Open play 

This is a time for our younger babies to spend time together and do targeted developmental play 

1:30-3:30: Afternoon nap 

This nap is for our babies under 11 months 

3:30: Afternoon snack 

4:00-5:30: Afternoon invitations/open play/outside time 


  • “Gentle” 
  • “Can you check on ****” 
  • “Teeth are not for biting” 
  • “Teeth are for eating” 
  • “Hands are not for hitting” 
  • “Can you show **** a gentle touch?

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