Professional Development Week 2018

  Each year in August, Abeona House closes for a week of professional development. What do we do all week? Read on to find out.   This year we kicked off the week with three hours of medicine administration training. “Nurse Nikki” (aka Nikki Greenaway, certified family nurse practitioner and child care health consultant) taught … Continue reading Professional Development Week 2018

Chef Hannah’s Blog – July: Family Food Traditions

Everything is well on the food program front. We’ve been trying new sides – kale chips! cucumber salad! – and enjoying our old favorites, too. This month, though, I thought I’d take a break from sharing about the food itself to discuss another favorite topic at Abeona House: community building. Food brings people together. It … Continue reading Chef Hannah’s Blog – July: Family Food Traditions

Chef Hannah’s Blog

The Abeona House food program was instituted using the farm-to-table model, incorporating local, fresh, and organic foods into the meal plan wherever possible.  Following in these footsteps—and excited to see how we can expand our vision—the Abeona House community will take on a food program inspired by the movement for Food Justice.  So, for my … Continue reading Chef Hannah’s Blog

Granola: It’s for Everyone!

One of my favorite breakfasts to make is granola. If you haven’t tried it at home, it’s super easy and versatile. I actually don’t even measure anything except the oats when I make our Abeona House granola. Add your favorite 100% juice, some molasses and brown sugar, salt, and olive oil until your oats clump … Continue reading Granola: It’s for Everyone!

National Cheese Pizza Day

Friday September 5th was National Cheese Pizza Day! In accidental celebration, we feasted on delicious cheese pizza on our homemade sourdough crust. The dough is started from a little chunk saved from the last batch, and takes 3 days to finish. The original sourdough was made in France many years ago using rotting fruits and … Continue reading National Cheese Pizza Day