Go Burrow! Go Tigers! Go Saints! Who dat!

January 2020

Go Burrow! Go Tigers! Go Saints! Who dat!

     The way it all began: At the beginning of the year most of our kiddos were participating in Soccer Shots after school and the coaches taught them to do a hand stack and yell “SOCCER SHOTS!” Well, the kids started doing this in class at eating times and then everyone wanted to follow along. So we talked about what they were doing and explained that since they weren’t at Soccer Shots right now, they could do a class cheer instead such as “GO BURROW!” They loved it and “Go Burrow” began. 

     Then, we decided to take it a step further one Friday when some of our students and teachers were wearing Saints shirts. When the kids started to do the cheer the teachers added “Go Saints Who dat!” and the kiddos excitedly followed along. Then one day when lots of friends were wearing LSU clothes we cheered “Go Burrow Geaux Tigers!” Then we tried it all together “GO BURROW! GO TIGERS! GO SAINTS! WHO DAT!” The children loved it! They would get so excited about it and giggle and laugh. And that’s how it all began and our cheer was formed. 

     We realized at one point that not only is our class called the Burrow but LSU’s quarterback is named Joe Burrow, what are the odds of that! It was so cool that we could cheer for our class and for him and the Tigers at the same time. We all got so excited, and even though the Saints lost the playoff game and didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, the LSU tigers had the best season ever and were 13-0! Then on 1/13/20 they beat Clemson in the NCAA football championship game, and so many friends and teachers wore their LSU colors the next day and we got to do our cheer! We all colored in some awesome Tiger themed pictures to celebrate, and I bet all of us will always remember this super exciting Louisiana football season.

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