Language Development

Hi Bird’s Nest families! Our babies are starting to look a lot less like babies and more like big kids! I’m sure over these last two months, you’ve been able to notice how much they’re growing, interacting with the world around them, and trying to communicate! 

Sign language can be a useful tool and helps infants develop language skills with a different form of communication. In the bird’s nest, we do a lot of signing when the children are at the table for meals and are unable to verbally tell us what they need. After continued repetition, our bird’s nest babies were able to sign and say the word associated with the hand motion! Some of our most common signs are more, all done, and help. Below are a few signs you can use at home to strengthen their communication skills. Remember to always use spoken words with signing! 

Some other ways to foster your child’s communication skills are by singing, reading, and talking to them constantly! In the bird’s nest, we try to communicate everything that we’re doing for them and with them. Reading and singing are easy and instrumental activities you can do with your child that not only help them communicate, but are also key to literary success in the future! 

Every child is different and every child will begin to talk at different times. It’s important to mention that you can’t rush natural development! I hope that you continue to read, sing, and sign with your child while at home. We can’t wait to hear their progress when we get back to school! 

Love, Ms. Brittany

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