Overcoming Your Fear Of Indoor Messy Play

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March 20, 2020

What’s up, homeschoolers?! Miss Erin from the Fish Cove here 

Do you feel intimidated by messy play?? Low patience with spills? I’ve got tips on how to set up your learning areas in a way that won’t make you say “No” every 12 seconds  Setting up your spaces in a more “yes” manner keeps morale high, patience steady and learning uninterrupted. Today, we’ll focus on your indoor sensory area.

Use things like large pans, towels and table cloths as natural separations and make them what we call “one person areas”. We also say the phrase “Slow hands in sensory” to limit spills and splashes.

Think about what exploration tools you are putting out…. For example, if you are putting put out a bucket of water (classic!), are you providing a tool that will create a mini wave pool? Are you okay with this?? If not, consider things like whisks, leftover chopsticks, forks, eye droppers, or small spoons and save the big splash stuff for OUTDOOR exploration! A towel under you bucket with catch any small splashes 

Using table cloths, pans or towels provides an easy way to symbolize center territory. By having a territory, explorers can easily keep all tools in a confined area in a way that doesn’t seem so hard. Simply say “Keep it in the area” to get the point across. We can use the same concept with our big centers (building, writing, dramatic play, science, reading etc) by using rugs and blankets.

Have any questions or ideas to add?? Come at me 🤗 

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