Frequently Asked Questions

I applied a long time ago. Why has my child not gotten a spot?

Applicants placed in our waiting pool must re-apply each year. Our admissions process is not first-come first-serve. In addition, space is extremely limited, and priority is given to the children of Abeona employees and the siblings of current Abeona students.

Is my child the right age to attend Abeona House?

Abeona House admits students that are between 6 weeks and 5 years old.

My child will be born after the start of the school year. When can they attend Abeona House?

Infants who will be born after August may still apply for the upcoming school year. If offered a spot, they may start school at any time, provided the family pays tuition in full, each month, starting in August.

In which class does my child belong?

Students who turn one before October 1 are typically placed in the one year old room. Students who turn two before October 1 are typically placed in the two year old room. Etc.

My child will be the oldest/youngest in the class? Will they be challenged/receive enough support?

The child-led nature of our curriculum and our small ratios help our teachers meet each child on their level and provide them with the right balance of challenge and support. In addition, growth and development happen at different rates for different children, often in fits and starts. It is rarely the case that the oldest child is the most advanced in all areas or that the youngest child is at the earliest phase of development. Finally, we find that older children benefit from being leaders in the classroom and younger children benefit from the behavior modeling of older students.

Do you offer holiday camps?

No. We are a year-round school but do not offer camps or alternative care on school holidays. Our school calendar is available here.

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