Our Administrators

 Executive Director, Jaime’ Regan

Jaime’ Regan, Executive Director

Jaime’ Regan, born and raised in the 504, has a degree in Child and Family Studies from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. She has nine years of experience in early childhood education. She’s been the proud preschool teacher in the Garden Room at Abeona House since August 2012. Since working here, the beliefs of our school have helped her view children in a whole different perspective; “I’ve learned the idea that each child is their own individual person and we are to honor their uniqueness and gifts they bring to the world. The very first thing I love about teaching the 3-5 year olds is the conversations I hear and have with the preschoolers.  It’s always hilarious and there’s NEVER EVER a dull moment.”

Jaime’ has since stepped out of the teaching role and has taken on the position of Executive Director of Abeona House.




Administrative Assistant, Nadine Zumot


Nadine Al Zumot, Administrative Assistant

I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. But all I ever wanted was to live in Melbourne, Australia. I completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science in my hometown and then decided I was going to save up to make my dream come true. I started working as a radio presenter, hosting rock shows at the local radio station in Jordan. After 2 years of being a very minor Jordanian celebrity, I was accepted into a Master program at the University of Melbourne in Australia so off I went!

My years in Melbourne were very formative and character building. There, I developed some amazing friendships, friends who became more like family. After several years in Melbourne, I decided to move temporarily to France to learn more about the French language, culture and cuisine. After two years of that adventure, I got very homesick and moved back to Melbourne. I was very fortunate to land a wonderful job at the University of Melbourne, working as a Fees Officer. I spent four years learning and gaining life changing career experience and skills with an amazing team… until I came to New Orleans for a holiday…
I have developed a deep love for New Orleans on a previous visit; the music, culture, sounds, rich flavours and aromas, colours and of coarse people! So in 2016 I decided to return and soak up as much culture and gumbo as I possibly can.
On my first day back in NOLA, I  agreed to meet up with a friend I met on my previous travels. Little did I know that this dinner catch up would completely turn my life around! Our catch ups developed into dates, which soon developed into a marriage proposal!
So I said yes, organized for my life to be shipped from Melbourne to New Orleans and here I am! I am loving it here, taking my time to adjust to my new life, learning new things and pursuing my passions: aerial arts and yoga.
I am very happy and excited about my position as an admin assistant here at Abeona House. The staff and families have been very warm and welcoming and the children so sweet and fascinating.
Our in House Chef,  Dejeuner Montegut

Dejeuner Montegut, Chef

Chef Dejeuner began her culinary career at the early age of 16. Her mother and grandmother inspired her culinary career through cultural cooking techniques as well as traditional South American and Carribbean dishes. Her first job was a summer job working at an amusement park in Williamsburg, Virginia in the kitchen as a grill cook. There, she gained kitchen speed and knife skills. After high school, Chef Dejeuner studied business and moved to New Orleans to further her culinary career. In 2011, Chef Dejeuner participated in a youth outreach program, better known as Cafe Reconcile, to teach culinary skills to at risk youth. In 2012, she began working under Chef John Folse at Restaurant Revolution, where she perfected her fine dining skills. Throughout her career she has been featured in Louisiana Seafood ads, Fox 8 news, as well as list of cooking competitions. Nowadays, Chef Dejeuner takes pride in feeding our future leaders of this community and also ensuring that they are knowledgeable about food from the farm to the table.



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