2017- 2018 Calendar

7/20 Open House Night

7/30 Community Work Day


7/30- 8/4 School Closed to Students (Professional Development Week)

8/7 First Day of New School Year


9/4 Labor Day; School Closed

9/15 Abeona House Potluck/Birthday Celebration


10/14 Community Work Day

10/16- 10/20 Parent/Teacher Conferences

10/28 Night Under the Stars Fundraiser

10/31 Halloween


Big School Night (TBD in November)

11/21 Fall fest

11/22-11/24 Thanksgiving Break; School Closed


12/25- 1/5 Winter Break; School Closed


1/15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day; School Closed


2/9 Krewe of Abeona

2/12- 2/14 Mardi Gras Break; School Closed


3/12- 3/16  Parent Teacher Conference


3/28 – 3/30 Spring Break- School Closed


5/7- 5/11 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/25 Graduation

5/28 Memorial Day; School Closed


6/28 Open House


7/4 Independence Day; School Closed

7/31 Last Day of the School Year


8/1-8/10 School Closed

8/13 Start of the new School Year


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